Massages - Klausnerhof

The pampering programme at Klausnerhof

Tensions dissolve and a deep satisfaction appears because of the pleasant and relaxing massage in our wellness oasis.

A treat for your body

You are surely familiar with this pleasant feeling when you treat yourself to something good. When you take time for yourself and listen to your inner voice. A really relaxing massage is something you barely treat yourself to. It helps to get rid of cramps and finally feel entirely free again in your own body. Our masseuse really knows her art of creating total relaxation: Experience a pleasant time-outthat touches all of your senses. Our glacier oasis is a place where nature and pleasure unite to form a perfect symphony. Experience wonderful hours and find your inner piece. This will be a pretty easy task as you will be spoiled with massages, baths and the alpine power. This is something you should definitely treat yourself to.