Scenery with the wow factor - Klausnerhof

Dream location and scenery with the wow factor!

Hintertux is a very special place indeed, and Klausnerhof reaps the advantages of its tranquil and unique location with stunning glacier views...

Hintertux and the Klausnerhof

Those staying at Klausnerhof for the first time will first have savoured the beauty of the Zillertal Valley on their journey here. The route takes you through quaint alpine villages, alongside mountain streams and increasingly magnificent and monumental mountains. The closer you get, the more relaxed you become.

“It is all about the simple things - to consciously enjoy them!”

Is it really quieter here than elsewhere? “Yes it is,” says Frieda, because you can have a good time and party in Hintertux, but here the nights are so very calm, the air is clear, the star-filled sky is awesome and sleep is restful at 1,500 metres above sea level, in both summer and winter.

Fresh mountain air, the freedom to move around in nature, to conquer one or the other summit, infinite spaces, with a smile on your lips: “Everyone is able to find respite from their stressful lives here, even those who live in the city!”

“The glacier lift is only 700 m away from the Hotel Klausnerhof!“

Frieda Klausner

Imposing Hintertux Glacier

Not to mention those views from your room balcony - views of the spectacular Hintertux Glacier. “The ever-present glacier shapes our lives; it is the first thing we see when we wake up in the morning and, even after all these years, is still a wonderful sight for me,” says the Klausnerhof hostess.

It is thanks to the glacier that Hintertux enjoys an incredible privilege: it is possible to ski here on perfectly groomed slopes with magnificent panoramas all year round, 365 days of the year.

Frieda: “It takes some getting used to that people can sit outside in the sun wearing short sleeves down here, while others are enjoying a regular ski day on top of the glacier. That is something very special indeed!” The fact that the bus stop to the glacier is almost next door to Klausnerhof also speaks in favour of a stress- and car-free holiday...

The ride up to the glacier is an experience in itself: "Gletscherbus 1" transcends 600 metres in altitude in only 5.25 minutes, taking guests up to 2,100 metres above sea level and the Sommerbergalm. "Gletscherbus 2" then whisks passengers from Sommerbergalm up to the Tuxer Fernerhaus at 2,660 metres in a mere 6 minutes. Then the world's most spectacular and highest monocable gondola, "Gletscherbus 3", takes you directly to the Gefrorene-Wand Glacier at 3,250 meters in just another 5 minutes!

„The glacier is a constant presence, from the moment we wake up to when we go to sleep - whether hiking, skiing, at Nature’s Ice Palace or just admiring it from a distance, the glacier lends a magical ambience to Hintertux.“

Frieda Klausner

Panorama Wellness

The Klausner Family placed special emphasis on creating quiet areas in their spacious wellness & spa, whilst taking advantage of the magnificent view. Guests are amazed by the rooftop terrace with Jacuzzi, from where they can see the gleaming white glacier.  Panorama wellness, where you can just switch off...

“Our guests repeatedly mention our wellness area as one of the highlights of their holiday. It was important for us to create a luxurious, yet inviting spa landscape - and we seem to have succeeded in doing so,” says Frieda Klausner happily. “Our two masseuses also treat our guests with great care and respect. The whole atmosphere is both elegant and relaxing.”

After skiing or whenever you fancy: the wellness oasis with sauna, massages and beauty programme allows Klausnerhof guests to indulge in the essential pleasures of rest, relaxation and revitalisation. With a fantastic view of the Hintertux glacier, thoughts of everyday troubles soon slip away!

Discover the Tux Valley...

Klausnerhof’s location is the perfect starting point for hiking and day trip destinations in Zillertal for the whole family!  Many walks and tours can be started easily from the front door of the hotel, without necessitating a car or bus journey.  350 km of well signposted hiking trails lead through the region and reward hikers with breathtaking panoramas and quaint alpine huts. 

"Magdalena and I, as well as our hiking guide Franz, enjoy showing guests our favourite spots, it is something I always look forward to", says Frieda Klausner.

It is also possible to visit the Bichlalm, Klausnerhof’s own farm. “You can relax up there and watch the cows graze,” says Frieda with a smile. With fabulous views of course - but that is par for the course up here!

Bichlalm is situated on the south-eastern slopes of the Upper Tux Valley and is open in both summer and winter. It takes only 45 minutes to walk there from the hotel - even with a pram. Those who prefer to take things a little easier and not hike uphill can take the glacier cable car to the middle station (Sommerbergalm) and walk from there steadily, but not steeply, downhill to this quaint alpine farm owned by the Klausner family.

„The Bichlalm is well known for its fabulous views of the Hintertux Glacier and Tux Alps - scenes you will seldom find elsewhere!“

Frieda Klausner

A few tips for beautiful walks and hikes from the Klausnerhof:

Walk to Lanersbach
Breakfast hike to the Bichlalm
Little Tibet
Schlegeis Reservoir in the Zillertal Alps Nature Park
Kasererscharte / Frauenwand / Weitental Valley
Penkenjoch – (Granatkapelle - Garnet Chapel)
Berlin High Trail
and much more...

And... you can also explore the wonderful Tux Valley and Zillertal Alps Nature Park by bike or e-bike!