Our Farm - Klausnerhof

Agriculture at Klausnerhof

Our cows are very happy: They graze on the alpine pastures and only receive fresh hay. And you can taste that – for example when trying our homemade yoghurt or buttermilk, which we serve at breakfast.

Gourmets from our animal family

The cows from Klausnerhof are definitely gourmets. And that is no surprise. They are only fed with the finest grass and tasty hay – silage is not on their menu. From June onwards, our cattle first grazes on the Bichlalm, located at 1726 meters, and later on the Sommerbergalm, located at 2100 meters. Our milk truck drives every day across the Bichlalm to the Hochalmen, where it collects the fresh milk and brings part of it to the alpine dairy in Mayrhofen, whereyou can watch how raw milk is processed. And as the cows enjoy their meals so much, wonderfully tasteful products are made in Mayrhofen: farmer’s butter, curd cheese, hay milk cream cheese and herb cheese. At Klausnerhof, we produce buttermilk, yoghurt and fruit whey. You can convince yourself of these delicacies when having breakfast at Klausnerhof. You will surely taste the difference to mass-produced goods from supermarkets. And you are not the only one: Over 40 families and businesses in Zillertal rely on the quality of our dairy products.

Our love for agriculture

The topic of tradition is always a bit tricky. Sometimes you really have to make an effort to preserve it. But with some, this is a pretty easy task, because they are simply reasonable and good. One of these is the tradition of taking care of our cows together with other local farmers and dividing different tasks. We do this for 700 years already! That is how long the inhabitants of Hintertux are aware of the benefits of a dairy cooperative. Back in the 13th century, farmers produced 1200 wheels of cheese and four bowls of lard for the local ruler. As the dairy industry was the most important source of income for farmers, Tuxertal was home to many dairies. Here, the dairyman profession has survived until today. We still produce fresh milk and incredibly delicious cheese – using old recipes. Because, well, good things need to be preserved.

„We focus on regional products. Because we simply love to serve our guests fresh food. And to obtain a perfect symbiosis between gastronomy and agriculture. This is the secret of maintaining the originality of our region.“

Martin Klausner

Enjoy the benefits of our on-site agriculture:

  • milk, yoghurt, whey and buttermilk from our own production for our guests
  • our products with guaranteed freshness
  • animal welfare: our animals graze on the alpine pastures in summer
  • pasture free from silage and genetic engineering
  • full transparency of production method
  • symbiosis with the regional gastronomy
  • excursion possibilities to the beautiful Bichlalm
  • visit to the alpine dairy in Mayrhofen