“Almabtrieb” Cattle Drive in Hintertux - Klausnerhof

“Almabtrieb” Cattle Drive in Hintertux

Do you fancy joining us for a colourful and vibrant festival that celebrates a wonderful local tradition? The “Almabtrieb” cattle drive in the Tyrolean Zillertal is an ancient tradition! As the summer grazing period ends on the high alpine pastures, the cows are adorned with magnificent head-dresses, ribbons and clanging bells and herded by the dairymen back down to the valley - heralding probably the most colourful annual celebration in the Zillertal Valley..

Living tradition

The Bichlalm, Klausnerhof's own farm, is an enthusiastic participant in this tradition. The procession leads from here to the festival grounds, where the animals have time to relax and graze on the large meadow. A regional farmers' market is right next to the festival grounds.

Dairymen and maids used to spend the whole summer with the animals on the alpine pasturelands. Cows, sheep and even pigs were brought up to the higher pastures to graze on the healthy grass and benefit from the mountain air.

As they grazed, the working day on the alpine pasturelands was hard and long: the dairy hands had to milk the cows, make butter and cheese from the fresh milk, harvest hay, cook and perform many other laborious agricultural tasks. This tradition formed the foundations of today’s so very popular Tyrolean mountain huts, where culinary highlights such as the traditional cold platter of homemade bacon and cheese is served.

Lavish celebrations in autumn

The “Almabtrieb” cattle drive is a real highlight for us in autumn! Did you know that the cows are fitted with their bells two weeks before the cattle drive? After all, these bells weight up to 20 kilos, so they need a while to get used to the weight. Between 90 and 100 cows are herded down from the Bichlalm to the festival area, before they are moved to their winter cattle shed.

The annual Almabtrieb is a vivid demonstration of culture, tradition and custom - representative of Zillertal, of Tyrol! The Almabtrieb has become a well-known event that regularly attracts thousands of visitors from home and abroad. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience!

„The annual Almabtrieb is a vivid demonstration of culture, tradition and custom - representative of Zillertal, of Tyrol!“

Frieda Klausner

Homemade regional delicacies

You will be pampered with many local, homemade delicacies, doughnuts, farmhouse bread, bacon, schnapps and sweet treats. The Tyrolean “Schuhplattler” dancers, whip crackers and other folk groups bid you a warm welcome!

A fantastic atmosphere and great entertainment with top bands guarantees a one-of-a-kind festival amidst beautiful autumn scenery.