Nature Park Zillertal - Klausnerhof

High Alps Nature Park Zillertaler Alps

Wildlife observation, a hiking tour to explore herbs or Waldwichteltag: A full programme awaits you in the Zillertal nature park. And an astonishingly beautiful landscape.

Fly high for your body and soul

It is very possible that words will fail you when you lay eyes on the natural beauty of the nature park  in Zillertal. That is why we provide you with some expressions in advance:

  • idyllic
  • breath-taking
  • unique
  • overwhelming
  • superb, gorgeous
  • impressive
  • beautiful

They all fit the view the nature park has to offer. The popular hiking, climbing and mountaineering region is located at 1000 up to 3505 metres above sea leveland comprises 422 square kilometres with five villages and 80 glaciers, as well as 70 farmed alpine pastures. Here you get a good view of different defining alpine altitude levels – from the agricultural bottom in the valley up to the alpine tree line and even further until reaching the glacial region. A trip to the nature park feels like a mini holiday – absolute relaxation for your body and soul. The varied nature park summer programme offers over 200 guided hiking tours with over 30 different themes from May until October. Among others: a hike to the Berliner Hütte, a herb exploration hiking tour to, a nature photography hike or wildlife observation. Especially great for kids: the llama trekking, or our children exploration day Waldwichteltag in the nature reserve Glocke.

“An excursion into the Nature Park is like a mini vacation, which brings pure recreation for body and soul.”

Martin Klausner

Award for Nature Park 2015

The nature park Hochgebirgs-Naturpark Zillertaler Alpen was honoured with the award for “Nature Park 2015” by an independent jury of experts of the association of nature parks in Austria (VNÖ). This annual award is given for outstanding achievements. four criteria are particularly decisive: Protection, education, relaxation and regional development. The national opponents could not compete with the Naturpark in none of the four categories. Three projects did especially stand out: the glacial adventure days for schools, the holiday flats for kids of the Naturpark community as well as the ranger programme.