Sauna - Klausnerhof

The sauna at Klausnerhof

It’s a sweaty issue – and a blessing for your body: Using a sauna strengthens the immune system. And at the same time it relaxes your body in a wonderful way.

Sweat for your health

The blood vessels expand, the heart rate rises about 50 per cent and the breathing rate increases. The muscles relax. These are the reactions of your body when being subjected to the heat of a sauna. It gets really hot in ourexclusive sauna world! We fire you up with different sauna infusions to help you keep a cool head. Because a sauna visit not only relaxes your body, but also cleans your soul. The stylish rest area with water beds completes the picture of a perfect relaxing experience.

Our saunas

  • Panoramic sauna with a unique view on the Hintertux glacier
  • Infrared cabin
  • Steam bath
  • Finnish sauna