Sledging and cross-country - Klausnerhof

The sledging and cross-country skiing paradise

The Bichlalm, the Grieralm and the Höhlensteinhütte are starting points for great sledging matches. You can rent sledges in every hut – even though the departure might be difficult after a fun hut evening.

On your skids, set, go!

Sometimes loud shouts can be heard in Tuxertal. This is very normal. Mostly they come from the sled runs: It is just fun to speed down the runs hell for leather. Young or old – the sledging match is the perfect adventure for the entire family. Beforehand you can pay a visit to a hut in the Bichlalm or the Grieralm and enjoy the delicious treats that are being served. After having filled your belly, you rent a bob-sleigh and speed down three or even five kilometres until reaching the valley – and please do not forget to shout out loudly! All three sled runs are illuminated in the evening. Also cross-country skiers get their money’s worth: Tuxertal offers perfectly prepared ski-tracks. A 14 kilometer long, classic ski-track takes you from Vorderlanersbach to Madseit and another 14 kilometer long track starts in Juns and ends in Madseit. The skiing schools in the valley offer cross-country skiing courses – and you can rent or buy the respective equipment in all sports shops and sports equipment rentals.

“All those guests who want to take a day off from skiing should definitely try out sledging. It means a lot of fun and an unforgettable holiday experience for young and old.“

Bianca Aschenwald

Bichlalm 1695 m (Martin Klausner e.U.)

  • Hintertux, 6293 Tux 
  • Tel. +43/5287/87776 
  • Approx. 3 km long, illuminated sled run
  • Ascent approx. 45 minutes
  • Our tip: Enjoy the marvellous glacial panorama from the sun deck.

Cross-country skiers will also get their money’s worth during their winter holidays in Zillertal:

They will find perfectly groomed cross-country trails. There is a 14 km-long slope for classic style, which leads from Vorderlanersbach to Madseit and a 14 km-long skating track, which runs to Juns/Madseit. The valley’s ski schools give cross-country ski lessons – in all sports shops and sports equipment rentals you can hire or buy cross country equipment.